CLC Microbial Genome Finishing Module

Tools for high quality assemblies



CLC Microbial Genome Finishing Module has been developed to help finishing small genomes such as bacterial genomes in order to reduce the extensive work load associated with genome finishing and to facilitate as many steps in the procedure as possible.

The module is an add-on to CLC Genomics Workbench.

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CLC Microbial Genome Finishing Module is a collection of tools with different functionalities to identify, visualize, and solve problems in genome assemblies.

  • Analyze Contigs
  • Align Contigs
  • Create Primers
  • Create Amplicons
  • Add Reads to Contigs
  • Extend Contigs
  • Reassemble Regions
  • Sample Reads
  • Collect Paired Read Statistics
  • Find Sequence
  • Annotate from reference

The tools can be combined in different ways.

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Our working relationship with CLC bio is highly collaborative, combining the best of CLC bio’s technology and Monsanto technology. This results in a powerful vector design and sequence platform that further enables Monsanto scientists to leverage genomics information to advance our R&D pipeline and get better products into the hands of our farmer customers faster.
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CLC Microbial Genome Finishing Module is available for download at, where you will also find tutorials and the manual for the new module.

Download the new module